POST-APARTHEID DANCE-many bodies many voices many stories

17 Sep 2012 11:20 AM | CORD Office

Dear friends and colleagues

 It is with great pride that we announce the publication of  POST-APARTHEID DANCE-many bodies many voices many stories. Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the UK, this book is the first of its kind in South Africa, for as yet, there has been no collection of writings in book form that attempts to provide a scholarly, cohesive account of the range of voices within dance in post-apartheid South Africa. This book aims to bridge that gap. The intention of this book is to present perspectives on post-apartheid dance in South Africa by South African authors (9 chapters, 8 authors).  Beginning with an historical context for theatre dance in South Africa, the book moves on to reflect the multiplicity of bodies, voices and stories suggested by the title. Given the diversity of conflicting realities experienced by artists in this country, contentious issues have deliberately been juxtaposed in an attempt to draw attention to the complexity of dancing on the ashes of apartheid. Although the focus is dance since 1994, all chapters are rooted in an historical analysis and aim to offer a view of the field. Given the range of the writing and the context in which it is based, the material is relevant beyond the dance community and would be appropriate for studies in cultural history, in performance theory and in African history. And there are lots of pictures!!!

The book may be ordered from Cambridge Scholars Publishing -12 Black Chapman Street-Newcastle -upon-Tyne NE2XX, UK. The ISBN numbers are 

(10):1-4438-4036-X and ISBN(13): 978-1-4438-4036-1

Please note that, within the next 4 weeks, the text will be updated, an image of the front cover will be added, and a sample PDF will be made available in the webpage.

The book will be included in CSP October Book of the Month campaign.

The discount will be one third (33%) and will be valid from 1-31 October 2012. A discount code will be created later this month and will be shown on the Book of the Month marketing materials. I will send this on as soon as I receive it. Given the Rand /Pound exchange rate, October would be a really good time to by personal copies as well as encourage the libraries. Also please excuse possible multiple postings all the authors will be sending out a similar announcement.

Sharon Friedman



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