BEYOND Ballet Why and How conference

20 Mar 2015 4:24 PM | Anonymous member
BEYOND Ballet Why & How, April 16-18, 2015 in Arnhem, The Netherlands, is an international conference, initiated by education, partnered by the dance profession. CORD member Robin Lakes is one of the invited speakers. BEYOND Ballet Why & How continues where the 2012 conference Ballet: Why and How? left off. Then, the conference was geared toward one aspect of dance education, namely the role of ballet technique in vocational schools and the life of the professional dancer of today. The main objective was to promote dialogue between professionals about the challenges education faced in relation to that particular subject. Now, ArtEZ School of Dance and Balettakademien Stockholm join forces once again and offer a different perspective. The aim of BEYOND is to stimulate discourse on dance and dance education in a broader social context. We do so by inviting experts from the world of dance, but also external professionals to present their unique perspective. The education and the professional field partner up by sharing viewpoints and insights, to take solid steps towards building the dance educators and professionals of the future.

The themes for BEYOND are as followed:

Educational: This theme examines various methods developed by dance practitioners based on their questions and challenges in educating the dancer of today.

Artistic: This theme invites choreographers to conduct extended workshops and share their artistic and choreographic research methods.

Urban: This theme is particularly interesting for those who wish to experience how urban performance art, in particular training principles and methods, can be used in other dance settings.

Preservation: This theme explores notation, archiving, repertoire, authorship and the relevance of heritage.

Medicine and Science: This theme focuses on applied dance and sports science & medicine research to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges involved in the care of students and professionals.

General: In addition to the specific themes detailed above, this theme will offer subjects of general interest.

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