New history of a New Zealand dance company

22 Nov 2017 2:11 PM | Anonymous member

I have recently launched my history of Limbs Dance Company to commemorate 40 years since its founding. With the advent of Limbs in 1977, the language of movement in New Zealand changed inextricably, expanding and exploding the definition of dance from this small South Pacific nation. Fundamentally, the founding members of Limbs believed that dance could reflect common human issues and emotions and was capable of touching people from all walks of life. With this belief, they made dances that were simultaneously relevant, challenging, sexy, serious, fun and exciting. Limbs dances both reflected and shaped the zeitgeist of 1970 - 1980s New Zealand. Such a wide array of dances not only entertained and excited the general public, but also inspired other choreographers and artists from different fields to explore their own artistic voices. Spanning years of political protests and economic reforms, the works that Limbs presented in this time period and their performance settings - large music festivals, prisons and opera houses - reflect the changing nature of New Zealand society. 

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