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  • 11 Feb 2013 3:43 PM | CORD Office
    The Call for Proposals for the 2013 Joint conference with the Society of Dance History Scholars is now available.  View it now.
  • 07 Feb 2013 1:49 PM | CORD Office

    June 23-July 14, 2013 Application now available on-line

    We are now accepting application for Cudamani Summer Institute 2013. With more enrollment options ever; advanced and beginning artists can attend either two or three week programs. After two successful Midwest tours in which they have conducted almost one hundred master classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations, and concerts in nine states, Gamelan Cudamani is more prepared than ever to host this their sixth summer institute. Studying Balinese Performing Arts with Cudamani in Bali is an experience that many say, “has changed my life.”

    Check out our web site for more details, or contact Judy Mitoma at (310)390-9398 for questions.
  • 05 Feb 2013 4:01 PM | CORD Office

    Please click the image below to view the flyer.

  • 11 Jan 2013 10:00 AM | CORD Office
    Three new job postings have been added to the CORD website.  View them here.
  • 12 Dec 2012 10:06 AM | CORD Office

    Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung

    Call for Papers für eine Posterpräsentation

    zum Thema


    Dance and Aging / Tanz in der zweiten Lebenshälfte

    Worum geht es?/ What is the subject?

    Im Rahmen des Düsseldorfer Tanzkongresses 2013 möchte die Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (GTF) eine Poster-Ausstellung realisieren.

    Das Thema der geplanten Poster-Ausstellung lautet:

    „Grenzüberschreitungen: Dance and Aging / Tanz in der zweiten Lebenshälfte“.

    The „Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung“ (GTF) will organize a poster presentation during the German Dance Congress 2013.

    The title will be:

    „Crossing borders: dance and aging“.

     Wann/ When ?

    6.- 9. Juni 2013 in Düsseldorf / 6th - 9th June in Düsseldorf (Germany)

     Genauere Informationen / Further information

    Mit unserem Aufruf möchten wir KollegInnen mit Projektvorhaben aus dem wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Bereich erreichen und einladen, die sich mit dem Thema Tanz in der zweiten Lebenshälfte befassen. Ebenso sind Projektdarstellungen möglich, die generationsüberschreitend angelegt sind.

    Der Fokus kann dabei auf unterschiedlichen Aspekten liegen. Alle Projekte müssen jedoch eine Fragestellung verfolgen, die wissenschaftlich und / oder künstlerisch den Themenschwerpunkt „Dance and Aging / Tanz in der 2. Lebenshälfte“ bearbeitet.

    Denkbar sind beispielsweise Forschungsansätze, die sich mit gesundheitlichen Aspekten von Tanz in der zweiten Lebenshälfte befassen. Ebenso sollen Untersuchungen vorgestellt werden, die das Thema kulturelle Teilhabe, innovative Vermittlungskonzepte und Veränderung von Wahrnehmungsgewohnheiten durch Tanz mit älteren Menschen behandeln. Es kann sich dabei sowohl um geplante als auch um bereits durchgeführte Projekte handeln.

    Eine Expertengruppe der GTF wird aus den eingereichten Abstracts der Projektvorhaben entsprechende Projekte auswählen und diese gemeinsam mit den AutorInnen auf dem Tanzkongress in einer Posterpräsentation vorstellen.

    Ergänzend zur Poster-Ausstellung wird es am 9.6.2013 ein moderiertes Arbeitsgespräch im Rahmen eines „Salons“ geben, bei dem diese Thematik mit ExpertInnen und KongressteilnehmerInnen diskutiert wird.

    We are looking for projects which focus on the subject from a scientific or an artistic point of view. The project should deal with a specific question or problem. For instance, the projects could deal with issues related to „dance and health“. Also it is possible to present a study that shows the influence of dancing with elder people on didactics or the form of reception of art. The project can be a planned one or one already done.

    The „GTF“ will present these studies in form of a poster session which is accompanied by a „saloon“ on the 9th of June, where experts discuss the subject with visitors from the congress.

     Einsendeschluss/ Deadline

    Wir bitten um die Einreichung eines Abstracts (max. 3 Seiten) mit einer Darstellung des Projektes bis zum 15. 2. 2013.

    We would ask for an abstract (max. 3 pages). Deadline for submission will be the 2/15/2013.

    Sprache / Language: German or English

     Es ist geplant, dass die ausgewählten Projekte in einem einheitlichen Design dargestellt werden. Dazu wird von der GTF eine Postervorlage erstellt, die den Projektverantwortlichen im März 2013 zugesendet wird.

    For presenting your project you will receive an special poster pattern in march if your project is chosen by the GTF.


    Kontakt/ Contact:

    Christiana Rosenberg-Ahlhaus

    Universität Konstanz

    Sportwissenschaft/ Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (GTF)


    78457 Konstanz


    Helga Burkhard (Geschäftsstelle/ Office Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (GTF)

  • 03 Dec 2012 9:33 AM | Anonymous member

    The Department of Performance Studies at Texas A&M University is accepting applications for the Master of Arts degree in Performance Studies.  Full assistantships, including tuition are available. Conference travel support and research funding is available contingent on budget.  The program emphasizes the ethnographic study of vernacular culture, with research strengths in Africana studies, dance and ritual studies, ethnomusicology, folklore, performance ethnography, popular music studies, theatre history, and media and women’s studies.  In addition to coursework, the program includes a full performance season featuring residency workshops with distinguished visiting scholars and artists.

    Texas A&M University is a Research I Very High Research Activity, AAU institution, one of two flagship research universities in the state.

    Information on the application process, courses, and the degree plan can be found at Please contact Dr. Kirsten Pullen, Director of Graduate Studies ( with any questions.

    For full funding consideration for Fall 2013, students should apply by January 15, 2013. Applications will be reviewed until February 15, 2013 or until all assistantships are filled.

  • 25 Nov 2012 10:07 AM | CORD Office

    PhD Studentship offered by Middlesex University in collaboration with Dance4, Nottingham

    Developing Creativity and Artistry in Exceptional Young Dancers: an Investigation of the Dance4 CAT Programme

    This PhD studentship, jointly funded by Middlesex University and Dance4, will provide an opportunity for a candidate to work in-depth with Dance4 and Professor Vida L. Midgelow. The research focuses upon the Dance4 Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) and is intended to enhance their innovative approach to dance training. This centre is part of a government initiative to support and promote the talent of gifted young people and this research will consider and extend the current provision in the light of the perceived needs of the 21st century artist.

    The studentship offers a stipend of £15,590 per annum (including London weighting) plus tuition fees for 3 years.

    Successful candidates will be based at Middlesex University and Dance4 providing an excellent environment in which to develop and challenge their dance/pedagogic practice.  As part of the research process candidates will be expected to attend the regular CAT sessions and also contribute to the programme.

    Applications are invited from candidates with Masters qualifications, or equivalent, and who have experience in the facilitation of critically informed approaches to dance training/choreography.

    If you would like to discuss the project further please contact Professor Vida L. Midgelow.

    Applications will close on Friday 18th January 2013 and interviews will take place in Nottingham on Saturday February 16th 2013.

    Download the full information pack in PDF format.

    Apply for the Middlesex University/Dance4 studentship.

  • 23 Nov 2012 9:30 AM | Anonymous member
    Manual Labour, Manifesto, and York University Present

    Documenting, Archiving & Preserving Local HIP HOP Histories

    Manifesto Studio
    37 Bulwer St. (Behind the Rivoli)
    Toronto, ON

    Public talks and discussion about the documentation, archiving and preserving of local hip hop histories with a special emphasis on dance.


    Andrew “Andycapp” Hicks

    Andrew “Andycapp” Hicks is a multi-talented DJ/Community Arts Promoter/Filmmaker who just finished his M.A. in Global Film Cultures. His thesis titled “New York Beat: Collaborative Video and Filmmaking in The Lower East Side and the South Bronx from 1977-1984” examines the media, artists and creative practices that emerged in the New York City downtown art scene in the Lower East Side and the uptown hip-hop scene in the South Bronx during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

    Andrew will be discussing the cultural and political milieu of the Lower East Side, South Bronx and Times Square in conjunction with the collaborative artworks, alternative media spaces (clubs, bars, parks, abandoned warehouses, television studios) and technologies (Super 8, 16mm, video) and how these art practices might be used as inspiration for future collaborative work in Toronto.

    Mary Fogarty

    Dr. Mary Fogarty is Assistant Professor of Dance at York University. She is the author of "Each One Teach One: B-Boying and Ageing," a chapter in a new anthology Ageing and Youth Cultures (Berg 2012). She was recently invited to participate in a symposium at the Schomburg Centre in Harlem about preserving and archiving hip-hop histories. She will be a Visiting Scholar at NYU in 2013 to continue her research about international b-boy/b-girl histories.

    Mary will be discussing her research about the significance of video mediation for the cultural memory of b-boy/b-girl history focusing on the value and impact that underground b-boy videos had for the local Toronto history in the 1990s. Her research is further discussed in the article "Breaking Expectations: Imagined Affinities in Mediated Youth Cultures," (2012) in Continuum, and in that work she challenges older theoretical models for thinking about youth culture by arguing that mediation produced experiences of inclusivity, rather than homogeneity of movement as previously argued by scholars.

    Robin “Rocabye” Coltez

    Robin is the creator of Fat Laces, an on-line magazine with the purpose of documenting the Hip Hop Street Dance Culture from a Canadian perspective covering various styles of Street Dances such as Bboying, Popping, Locking & House. This site shows the ties between various dances and disciplines that has it’s beginnings or influences from the streets such as Capoeira, Tap, and Salsa. The name Fat Laces was chosen because it was the first symbol of hip hop: specifically Breaking that my twin brother Collin Coltez and I were introduced to in 1983 by our childhood friend and fellow crew member, Rod Oyco (B-Boy Chi Ko).

    From the early 1990’s to present, Freestyle Hip Hop/ House Dancing and the reenergized Breaking scene in Canada around 1992 inspired Robin to form The HardNox Skoolerz Dance Company in 1997 with his brother to represent teh clothing line BobbyNox. While teaching Breaking and Freestyle Hip Hop/House Dancing for 10 years starting in 2001, Robin was inspired to dig into the reasons of what influenced him to begin Street Dancing and to search for and document the stories of the Canadian Street Dancers past and present that has inspired him throughout the years. In this talk Robin will focus on the factors that lead to the hiatus of Breaking in Toronto in the mid 80’s.


    Manifesto Community Projects is a non-profit grassroots organization working to unite, energize, support and celebrate Toronto’s vibrant and diverse music and arts community, and find innovative ways of working together towards common goals. Through art exhibitions, dance competitions, workshops, free outdoor concerts, film screenings, networking opportunities, seminars, a pop-up arts market, and much more, Manifesto creates powerful and engaging experiences, and provides opportunities for young artists to grow.

    The Manifesto Studio at 37 Bulwer St. is a social hub where great energies merge! The space has been used to host; artist talks, yoga classes, gallery exhibitions, workshops & collaborative meetings, culinary events and other creative endeavours. 37 Bulwer embraces artistic expression, education and entrepreneurship and aims to be a foundation to connect passionate individuals, groups, and collectives. With multi-purpose spaces available for short-term rentals, we aspire to support the capacity of artists, community builders, and local organizations.
  • 21 Nov 2012 3:41 PM | Anonymous member
    The Performing Body in the Hollywood Film Musical: An Interdisciplinary Symposium
    April 4-6, 2013
    Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

    Since its emergence in the 1920s, the film musical has woven together utopian visions and cultural realities, simultaneously creating, reflecting, and critiquing contemporary social, political, and economic conditions. Frequently, film musicals communicate these ideologies through the performing bodies of the film’s cast and crew. This symposium will consider the ways in which bodies perform in the film musical, and what such performances signify. Papers are invited that consider the following questions, among others: how do song and dance animate and define bodies onscreen? When and why are performing bodies marked in terms of gender, race, class, sexuality, and when do these bodies remain unmarked? In what ways does the film musical regulate bodies, and to what extent are performers permitted to regulate themselves? How do onscreen performances differ from those bodily performances that remain invisible to audiences, including those of crew members, sideline and film orchestra musicians, vocal and dance doubles, and so on? How do the film musical’s modes of performance both reflect and influence contemporary production practices?

    Submissions from across disciplines are encouraged this symposium is intended as a space for scholars from film studies, musicology, dance, theater, and other fields to share their work and consider various disciplinary methodologies and approaches to the genre. We are delighted to welcome three distinguished keynote speakers: Steven Cohan (Syracuse University), Caryl Flinn (University of Michigan), and Adrienne McLean (University of Texas-Dallas).

    Proposals for 20-minute papers should include a name, institutional affiliation (if appropriate), and an abstract of no more than 300 words. Please submit all proposals to filmmusicals (at) colgate (dot) edu by December 15, 2013. The program will be announced by February 1, 2013.

    More information is available at, or by contacting Mary Simonson, Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies and Women’s Studies at Colgate University.
  • 19 Nov 2012 11:36 AM | Anonymous member
    Call for Proposals

    The Dance of the Future: Cultivating Duncan Dance for the 21st Century

    June 16-18, 2013
    at George Washington University
    Washington, DC

    You are invited to present at the first Isadora Duncan International Symposium.

    The symposium is open to Duncan Dance practitioners of different fields, genres, techniques and forms including performance, choreography, repertory, instruction, research and scholarship, criticism, photography, visual and multimedia art and biography.

    The symposium invites performers, choreographers, teachers, educators, artists, dance critics, dance researchers and artistic directors from all over the world interested in sharing and learning traditional methods and contemporary approaches in Duncan Dance to attend as presenters or participants. This symposium offers potential for international collaboration.

    The conference working language is English.

    You are welcome to take part in the conference as a Speaker, Presenter, Teacher, Panelist, Participant, and Observer

    The symposium is an opportunity for Duncan Dance practitioners to demonstrate their methods and techniques, share important experience and knowledge, and present research and scholarship to a wider international Duncan community. It is also an opportunity for both presenters and participants to learn from each other in practical, theoretical, physical and artistic realms.

    We will attempt to accommodate as many presenters as possible. However, the number of slots is limited.

    The proposal deadline is MARCH 1, 2013. 


    • practical workshop/master class
    • choreography, repertory and works in progress (not requiring special technical conditions)
    • reading/lecture/presentation
    • panel discussions
    • roundtable discussions with moderator
    • video showings
    • other formats suggested by the presenter can be considered

    To submit your proposal, please see the submission guidelines.

    All attendees, including presenters, must register for the symposium. Symposium registration is $150 for the three-day event, and all sessions are open to all attendees. Please click here to register. Accommodation, location and other information about the conference is available on the Symposium Information page.

    We appreciate in advance if you could spread the word among your Duncan Dance friends, colleagues and community. Thank you very much for your creative work in the field of Duncan Dance, and we look forward to your participation at the symposium.
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