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Warburton, E.C. (2016). Becoming elsewhere: ArtsCross and the (re)location of performer cognition. In R. Blair and A. Cook (eds.) Languages, bodies, and ecologies: Theatre, performance, and Cognition (pp. 93-106). London: Methuen Publishers, Ltd.

Warburton, E.C., Reedy, P., & Ng, N. (2014). Engaging families in dance: An investigation of moving parents and children together. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 15(1), 1-27.

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Warburton, E.C. (2011). Of meanings and movements: Re-languaging embodiment in dance phenomenology and cognition. Dance Research Journal, 43(2), 65-83.

Giges, B. and Warburton, E.C. (2010). “From Router to Front Row: Lubricious Transfer and the Aesthetics of Telematic Performance.” Leonardo, 43(1), 24-32.
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