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2013 Embodied Politics: Dance, Protest and Identities, Binsted, UK: Dance Books

Chapters in Books/Encyclopedia Entries
2016 Entries on Workers Dance League and Charles Weidman for Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism (online), in press
2011 Entries on Lar Lubovitch, Shobana Jeyasingh and Akram Khan, in Sanders, Lorna & Martha Bremser, 50 Contemporary Choreographers, 2nd edition, London: Routledge
2010 'Dancing the American Dream During World War II', in Kolb, Alexandra, ed., Dance and Politics, Oxford: Peter Lang, 167-192
1999 ‘Lar Lubovitch’ and ‘Douglas Dunn’ essays in Fifty Contemporary Choreographers, Martha Bremser, ed., London: Routledge, 93-97, 145-150
1998 ‘Pearl Primus’, International Dictionary of Modern Dance, Detroit Michigan: St. James Press, 644-647
1997 ‘Aerobic Dance and the City: Individual and Social Spaces, in Thomas, Helen, ed., Dance in the City, London: Macmillan, 198-217.

Peer-reviewed publications
2016 ‘Constrained Bodies: Dance, Social Justice and Choreographic Agency’, Dance Research Journal, 48:3, 45-57
2013 ‘Hip-Hop Dance Theatre in London: Legitimising an Art Form’, Dance Research, 31:2, 174-190
2012 ‘Defying Britain’s Tick-Box Culture: Kathak in Dialogue with Hip-Hop’, Dance Research, 30:2, 169-185
2007 ‘San Francisco Innovators and Iconoclasts: Dance and Politics in the Left
Coast City’, Dance Chronicle, 30, 237-290
2007 ‘Guru or Teacher? Shishya or Student? Pedagogic Shifts In South Asian
Dance Training in India and Britain’, South Asia Research, 27:1, 25-41
2004 ‘Techniques and Institutions: South Asian Dance in Britain’, Dance Research, Summer, 22.1, 1-21
1994 ‘The People: Issues of Identity Within the Revolutionary Dance,’ "Of, By and For the People: Dancing on the Left in the 1930s", Studies in Dance History, 5:1, 14-22
1990 ‘Dance and the Workers' Struggle’, Dance Research, 8:1, 47-61
1989 ‘From Workers' Dance to New Dance’, Dance Research, 7:1, 47-64
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