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2013 Embodied Politics: Dance, Protest and Identities, Binsted, UK: Dance Books

Articles, Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries:
2017 'Democratising Moves: Power, Agency and the Body’, NOFOD Journal, 8:2, 5-17
2016 ‘Constrained Bodies: Dance, Social Justice and Choreographic Agency’, Dance Research Journal, 48:3, 45-57
2016 Entries on Workers Dance League and Charles Weidman for Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism (online)
2013 ‘Hip-Hop Dance Theatre in London: Legitimising an Art Form’, Dance Research, 31:2, 174-190
2012 ‘Defying Britain’s Tick-Box Culture: Kathak in Dialogue with Hip-Hop’, Dance Research, 30:2, 169-185
2011 Entries on Lar Lubovitch, Shobana Jeyasingh and Akram Khan, in Sanders, Lorna & Martha Bremser, 50 Contemporary Choreographers, 2nd edition, London: Routledge
2010 'Dancing the American Dream During World War II', in Kolb, Alexandra, ed., Dance and Politics, Oxford: Peter Lang, 167-192
2007 ‘San Francisco Innovators and Iconoclasts: Dance and Politics in the Left Coast City’, Dance Chronicle, 30, 237-290
2007 ‘Guru or Teacher? Shishya or Student? Pedagogic Shifts In South Asian Dance Training in India and Britain’, South Asia Research, 27:1, 25-41
2004 ‘Techniques and Institutions: South Asian Dance in Britain’, Dance Research, Summer, 22.1, 1-21
1999 ‘Lar Lubovitch’ and ‘Douglas Dunn’ essays in Fifty Contemporary Choreographers, Martha Bremser, ed., London: Routledge, 93-97, 145-150
1998 ‘Pearl Primus’, International Dictionary of Modern Dance, Detroit Michigan: St. James Press, 644-647
1997 ‘Aerobic Dance and the City: Individual and Social Spaces, in Thomas, Helen, ed., Dance in the City, London: Macmillan, 198-217.
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