Roundtable for COD/SDHS Conference this fall!

  • 25 Mar 2013 9:32 AM
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    Hey folks! My colleague, Nyama McCarthy-Brown and I are putting together a roundtable for CORD/SDHS in the fall. Details are below. If you are interested in being a discussant, please let me know by Monday, April 1st. My email is Thank you!

    Most dance departments have had arduous discussions around how to diversify curriculum. This roundtable takes the conversation further, recognizing a diverse curriculum as an act of social justice. In what ways can the discipline of dance studies incorporate principals of social justice to reach goals of a diverse curriculum? How does anti-racist pedagogy and feminist pedagogy figure into the 21st century dance education? In this roundtable, discussants from five academic institutions will dialogue about social justice in dance departments as a guiding philosophy and/or vision. Each discussant will: share what diversity means to them, and explain how their department operationalizes a practice of inclusion (or the potential thereof). Finally, discussants will address challenges experienced where social justice intersects with issues of access, ie: entrance requirements, curriculum, and the selection of guest artists, and/or students and faculty. Roundtable members will underpin the discourse with an understanding that social justice moves and pulls through theoretical practice and takes shape in the corporal. The moderator will guide the dialogue to inspire colleagues in the field to discover new ways to embody and/or enact social justice in dance studies. As such this roundtable is applicable to the dance scholar, artist, and educator.
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