Award for Outstanding Scholarly Research in Dance

Nominations due by February 15, 2015.

This award honors an exceptional scholar or leader for sustained contributions to dance research.  (In past years, separate awards were given in the categories of Outstanding Contribution to Dance Research and Outstanding Leadership in Dance Research, and this award encompasses both categories.)  Selection may be based on a significant body of work, a single contribution that has a major lasting impact on scholarly dance research, or leadership that furthers the field.  Any area of dance scholarship is eligible.  No more than one award will be given in a calendar year.

The awards contribute not only to the visibility of the individuals and works honored, but also to the visibility of dance research and to our continuing drive for excellence in dance scholarship. Consider your nomination a way to influence the field and the CORD organization.  By acknowledging your mentors, recognizing individuals who have strongly influenced you or created opportunities for you, your peers or organization, naming those who have expanded your conception of dance research, or initiated directions you'd like to see dance research (and CORD) take in the future, you participate in formulating that future.

To make a nomination please submit:
  • a letter detailing why the nominee should be put forward for the specific award
  • the nominee's curriculum vitae
  • additional relevant documentary materials to support the case 
  • a declaration of your interest in nominating the candidate, if any
The more thorough the letter of recommendation, and the more complete the accompanying documentation, the more convincing the nomination will be.  Scholars may be at any career stage, as long as they satisfy the purpose of the award.  All nominations must include the name and contact information of the nominator.  Nominations in these categories may be made only by CORD members, but individuals nominated for awards need not be CORD members.

Nominations that do not address the criteria of the specific awards will not be considered.

Email nominations must include "Outstanding Scholarly Research Award" in the subject line and be emailed to Danielle Goldman at

Send questions about nomination to Danielle Goldman at

 Congress on Research in Dance
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